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9 reasons not to buy Instagram followers!


If you think it’s a good idea to buy followers for your Instagram, I’m sorry to inform you, but you made a very serious mistake. Understand the reasons for not buying followers and how this practice can negatively affect your brand!

Has the number of followers of that profile you follow tripled overnight? Certainly, he adopted a common but harmful practice: buying followers! 

This action has been increasingly common among companies and influencer profiles, in the false idea that this will help in engaging the profile or attracting new customers.

If you want to understand the reasons why you shouldn’t make this mistake with your brand, read on!


1. Violation of social network rules 

Instagram is an excellent tool for growing a business if you choose the right one. 

If your choice is to grow by not being honest with your audience and your company, your brand’s “life” on social media can be short.

Once you decide to purchase followers, you also assume the consequences of violating numerous rules of the terms of use of the social network.

And this can generate irreversible results for your account, such as  Shadowban: a punishment that can directly affect the delivery of your content to the public, up to the total blocking of your Instagram. 

Reduced engagement rate

By having a professional account on Instagram, the desire of every company is that the contents posted are “virtualized”, that is, that they receive countless likes, comments, and shares. 

However, purchased followers are not committed to your success and are not interested in what you post at all.

That way, there will be no interaction and your engagement will remain low. 

3. Purchased followers are not loyal

buy followers

It’s quite common for the followers you’ve bought to stay with you for a short time, you know?

Usually a week, a month at most. 

And you can’t demand that they stay, after all, buying followers is not a regulated practice, which doesn’t give you the means to complain. 

Also, don’t forget that most of these “followers” are fake profiles, foreign profiles that don’t even understand what you post, and profiles that aren’t engaged with your brand. 

4. Your content loses relevance to the algorithm 

Instagram delivers your content to engaged followers, who assume that what you post is relevant to them. 

If they don’t care what you produce, your posts lose credibility to them and the algorithm.

That way, less and less your profile and posts will be found, and your results will be less and less.


5. Your real followers can get lost 

If by now you’re not convinced that the idea of ​​buying followers is a bad one, here’s more reason: bots can gain access to your list of followers and distribute spam.

In addition, this way of getting followers can also “bring viruses” to your account, facilitating the theft of information about your company, your real followers, and even the total “theft” of your account.

Imagine a real follower receiving direct spam in your name? Surely he will not understand and may not follow you!

6. Distorted performance metrics 

Once you have a profile filled with purchased followers, you lose the real relationship of reach, involvement, and growth. 

How are you going to draw an assertive strategy if the numbers don’t match reality? 

Insights, reports, and metrics will not serve as a basis for making the best decisions!

7. Lose credibility

You might even think that your loyal followers won’t notice that you’ve bought followers, after all, just don’t tell them, right?  

In fact, they will notice it very quickly. 

And their trust in you can go down the drain. 

Everyone knows that buying followers is possible and illegal, and if you do, they’ll be on their toes!

8. Meets your goals 

Is your goal to grow and be a reference on Instagram? 

So, remember this and devise different strategies than buying followers.

To become a reference and be a highly sought after company, you need to: 

  • delight your audience with quality content;
  • be true;
  • maintain constancy;
  • follow the trends;
  • analyze the metrics;
  • to be unique;
  • and many other questions. 

You can understand more about how to grow on Instagram with this free ebook with  Advanced Tips for your social networks.


9. It’s a one-way street

That’s it! 

You invest, but there is no return.

Having followers is essential for your marketing strategies to work, as long as they come organically. 

Buying followers is a shot in the foot, and in marketing, this action is seen as a metric of vanity: numbers that impress but don’t generate true results for your company. 



How can marketing help a business grow?


Understand how well-done marketing can leverage your business on the internet!

One of the most curious truths about having a company is that having a good product is not enough to be successful. This may seem contradictory, but it’s a harsh truth, and it’s repeated in other fields as well.

The underlying issue is that no matter how good your product or service is, if no one knows it exists no one will buy or hire. So you need to be seen, and the best way to resolve this issue is through marketing.

And if you’re still unsure how this can help you, today we’re going to explain how marketing can help a business grow.

Marketing helps you have space without a big investment

Of course, if you have a company with considerable capital, the best option is to invest money in marketing. The bigger you are, the bigger you want to be, and that hunger to grow is very important. However, if your company is small or not able to invest, there are several ways to market with little or nothing.

It turns out that the internet today allows you to market your business in different ways, ways that can be completely free and still reach millions of people depending on how you do it, and methods that cost very little and can pump up the way you are seen.

Marketing Can Make Your Business Popular

You don’t want to be seen just to sell more, that’s a simplistic goal and you can go further with the right approach. You want your company to become popular. That’s because popularity brings consumers loyal not only to the product but also to the idea that your company represents.

That’s why many companies are betting on marketing through social networks, which today we can say is the company’s most important communication channel with its customers. Whether on Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube, the best way to listen to your customers and communicate with them is through social media.

Having an active social network with many followers gives you an infinite shop window, which feeds itself, given that a like or a share can lead to another person who will also do the same, and when you notice, it goes viral.

Make your product noticed by people

More than just making your company popular, well-done marketing can make your product mega-popular. The proof of this is that there are products that are so famous that we think there is no competition.

A good example is Gilette. Many people don’t even know that Gilette is the name of the product and that the product itself is called a razor blade. The same happens with the Cotton Swab, which is a registered name by Johnson & Johnson, and the real name of the object is flexible rod.

Good marketing can make your product bigger than the object itself, to the point where its name becomes the popular name of the object, putting it light years ahead of all competition.

Helps build a reputation

Staying popular can bring in new customers, but creating a positive reputation will make them stay and buy again and again. Good marketing highlighting the way you sell, act, and respect customers can create a reputation that will make people trust your product or service.

This is essential so that you can have a solid customer base that will not only buy but also tell everyone how much they trust your business. How many times before buying a product or requesting a service have you not consulted with people who had already done it with the same company? 

This is the idea. Having a reputation is the best way to be referred to by word of mouth. If you make a reputation, look after it.

It’s safe to say that good marketing will bring customers to your business, and when they do, it’s important that you know how to deal with them. This requires efficient service and good organization, something in which many companies fail and therefore lose customers. 

To avoid this type of situation, there are companies like Brobot, specialized in the creation of robots of the most varied types whose function is to automate different functions of your company, thus making your life easier.

This type of company creates digital robots that can take care of sectors such as infractions for fleets, receipt of consumption bills, control of receipt and also the issuance of NFS-e, so many other features.


5 Mistakes Made When Trying to Create a Website on Your Own


When trying to create a website on your own some mistakes can be made, check out some tips to avoid these flaws!


Thinking of creating a website on your own? You’re not the only one!

On the internet, there are numerous platforms that offer this service free of charge and with benefits that are breathtaking. But what they don’t tell you is the challenges this solitary process can present – including mistakes that can compromise your business!

In this article, you can see the main failures committed by people who try to create their sites alone. Find it out!


1. Think you don’t need technical knowledge

There are several tools that offer ways for you to create your website yourself, without complications or difficulties, however, this is not always the best option, as many of the tools necessary for the success of your website depend on advanced settings, such as the WhatsApp button, integration with social networks and forms for capturing customers.

The “drag and drop” system may work at first glance, but it won’t take you long to realize that some pages, features, and plugins are extremely important if you want your client to convert.

Thus, choosing to create your website yourself can greatly limit your project and prevent you from getting the desired return.

2. Use copyright-free images

You’re going to need images to shape your website, aren’t you? After all, a website without a good visual identity is like a book without its story: totally uninteresting!

When choosing images, however, you need to be very careful. Because, although the internet has an infinite number of good photos available for download, many of them are copyrighted, which does not give you the right to use them without the permission of the author/guardian.

If you still use these photos, you may suffer from lawsuits for their inappropriate use. What you definitely don’t want, is it?

Therefore, it is important that you have the guidance of professionals in the field to select the right images for your website. Which will avoid any kind of future problem.

Opting for a free image bank is also a great solution.


3. Do not integrate with Google tools

Everyone who makes a website wants it to be in a good position on Google, but for that to happen it is necessary to integrate with Google tools, such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and My Business, for example.

What happens when creating a website on your own is that, generally, people can’t configure all the integration tags, so they don’t get the desired success with the site.

4. Thinking that the site will spread itself

In most cases, working on promoting a website can be more work than the construction itself – which leads many people to get frustrated after developing their pages and failing to reach their target audience.

In fact, creating a site on your own without outreach support can be a shot in the foot, because after the site is online you don’t know what to do to get it visited.

Nowadays, most website creation companies already include in the value of hiring some kind of outreach support, and this is very advantageous for you, believe me!


5. Not feeding the site with new content One of the main factors for ranking a site on Google is the content present on it. Therefore, it is very important that your website always has updated and relevant content for your target audience, in this way it will always be visited.  Do you have something unique in your niche or do you want to share a great tip for your customers’ success? Then post them on your website’s blog and share it for internet users to access.   In summary, you should frequently feed your site so that it is always up to date and relevant to Google and, above all, to your personas 


SEO: 10 strategies to apply in your e-commerce


Do you want to leverage your e-commerce on the internet? Then you need to know the 10 SEO strategies we’ve listed in this article! Follow up.

SEO for e-commerce is one of the most fundamental strategies for your store to gain relevance in search engines.SEO tips serve to show search engine algorithms that a particular site is relevant.

This optimization allows e-commerce to be among the top results, depending on the keywords used. In addition, SEO is a great alternative to having organic traffic without exclusively needing paid media.

Follow the text below to know 10 SEO strategies to use in your e-commerce. You will understand how this method has many correspondences with marketing strategies and can help you reach new heights.

Search the keywords

Keywords are the terms most searched by users on search engines.

It is important to research them to suit the interests of a wider audience and, during the process, show the relevance of the site to Google within the niche in which it operates.

For choice, use tools like Google Keyword Planner to do this and use the keywords found to name eCommerce products and categories.

Thus, interested people will find your store more easily.

Optimize images

Google also evaluates the images present on websites to determine their SEO score.

An optimized image is one that:

  • It has good quality;
  • Charges quickly;
  • It has keywords in the filename;
  • It has alternative text.

It’s also important that each image is copyrighted and makes sense within the context of content marketing.

create content

Feeding the website of the virtual store with interesting content about the products advertised contributes to the purchase decision of visitors.

Posts should be instructive and written according to SEO tips such as keyword usage, meta description creation, and total originality. Remember that Google favors pages that invest in quality content.

Think about the site’s architecture

Successful e-commerce needs to offer a pleasant experience for those who visit it. This also includes developing an efficient virtual architecture that ensures people have intuitive navigation across products and pages.

Each category must be associated with related subcategories. This way, users will spend more time on the site and Google will take this data into account to improve page positioning.

Slow downloading speed

Load time is crucial for attracting customers and achieving a good SEO score.

The slower the loading speed, the better the ranking and customer satisfaction.

Look for the service of a web designer to optimize your e-commerce and ensure an adequate loading speed, as well as check with the hosting options and site/upload speed.

Make full descriptions

The pages for each product advertised must provide the main information about the item.

Therefore, make descriptions with technical details, usage tips, images, and evaluations, or create complementary materials to explain more about the products.

Providing demonstration videos and space for questions is also indicated.

A great description can be just as beneficial as an extensive Twitter Ads campaign and, as long as both are done well, they can be combined to bring even more success and quality to the business.

Invest in responsive designs

Nowadays, it is increasingly vital that all websites have mobile responsive designs. This means ensuring that pages are adaptable to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets.

Responsiveness will bring more access and, as a result, more customers to the virtual store, as they can be accessed from any environment.

Discover the shopping journey

The purchase journey of customers is formed by specific steps, are product discovery; interest in it aroused by inbound marketing strategies; comparison with other brands; and the purchase decision.

The content produced must take into account the stages of each customer. The more specific the content, the closer the user is to the end of the journey.

Link building

Use internal and external links to increase your page’s authority. In SEO strategies, this is called link building and is decisive for a good ranking.

Links are important to bring additional information to the public and encourage them to spend more time browsing the site.

In addition, Google tracks this type of information to define page rankings.

Create optimized URLs

Finally, the website address is also taken into account according to the logic of SEO strategies. The URL must be readable and contain the keywords used on the pages in question, as well as being simple.

This data is important so that search engine algorithms can correctly index the site in the results, adapting them to users’ searches.

These are the top 10 SEO tips for e-commerce. Use them to increase your relevance on the web and reach more customers, so you can develop your brand further.


How to make money on the internet: 4 tips for you to profit without leaving your home


If the problem is a lack of money, calm down! In this article, we’ve listed five of the best ways to get extra income on the web. Check out:


Whatever your financial situation, we have to confess that extra income is always welcome, isn’t it? Especially if you, like so many other Brazilians, have been harmed by the economic crisis that has plagued the country in recent times and has left thousands of people unemployed and delinquent.

According to a recent study carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the number of individuals seeking employment opportunities is frightening, and there are more than 12 million people in Brazil alone. However, even in such a hopeless scenario, undertaking a separate business can be the most effective and smart strategic solution you will ever make, believe me!

But how to profit a lot without a high investment? The answer is closer than you think: the internet!

Contrary to the conventional market, the virtual world has grown considerably over the last few years and is not expected to go into decline anytime soon! For this and other reasons, the internet has become a support tool and a unique opportunity for many digital entrepreneurs.

In addition to providing an extra income, working over the internet generates certain amenities, such as: working without leaving home, in a comfortable environment, and with much more flexible hours.

So, to help you grow financially and help you get out of harm’s way in times of low economic tide, check out the list below with 4 amazing and creative ideas for you to earn extra income on the internet:

1. Write and sell articles

The first effective way to earn money over the internet is to write for a third party.

When you have a good command of writing and the facility to write interesting articles and optimized for Google, the chance of profiting a good amount from it is immensely high. But how does it work?

It’s simple: you produce certain content in text form, offer it to blogs, magazines, online newspapers, knowledge portals, to companies, etc., and if accepted, you will be paid for it.

Many companies even recognize the importance of having an online presence through content and look for professionals who produce good texts, involving and generating value for people, in order to delight them and thus generate more business. Even though it requires certain knowledge and digital marketing strategies, working for companies is an excellent opportunity to earn extra income.  So, keep an eye out for opportunities!

If you prefer, you can also create your own blog and make daily postings of articles with high added value, with interesting subjects and that will engage the reader. If your page has a high traffic flow, you may also attract advertisers and partners, and you can start renting your blog space for virtual advertising from other companies.

Remember that the internet is already full of bad content, so differentiate your text from others and don’t hesitate to show your writing potential and quality!

Read more the related articles: trang cá cược bóng đá uy tín

2. Invest in e-commerce

Your e-commerce at C2TI

If the consumer market is increasingly biased towards online shopping, why not create e-commerce and sell for it?

Will you have expenses with this? If you choose free website development platforms not, but if you really want to show authority on the web , it is advisable to invest in a professional company to set up your page.

Have you ever thought how bad it would be for your store’s reputation if your customers’ personal data were “stolen” by security breaches on your website? It could bankrupt you!

Even investing a certain amount, many professional website creation companies allow the total amount to be paid in installments, which gives you time to sell your products and settle the pending items with the amount collected.

Furthermore, as it does not have geographic limits, an internet store can reach a much larger number of people and potential customers when compared to a physical store. Not to mention that e-commerce remains online 24 hours a day.

But what to sell for him?

There is a multitude of products and services that can be marketed on the internet. Being some of them, the sale of:

  • Costume jewelry and semi-jewels;
  • Clothes;
  • Shoes;
  • Perfumes and makeup;
  • Handmade products;
  • Auto parts;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Furniture;
  • Imported articles;
  • Toys;
  • Books etc.

If you are unable to buy goods and sell them in your online store, another option is to sell other people’s products as an affiliate. When working in this way, making items from other companies available in your e-commerce, you will always receive a percentage of the total value of the item sold.

From the options mentioned above, the important thing is to find out what best fits your reality, look for a website development company that is committed to your goal, and start to profit.

3. Be a product tester

If you still don’t feel ready to enter the online sales market, consider product evaluation a good alternative.

Generally, companies ship certain goods to you free of charge, and in return, they want your opinion of it through a review (which can be written or in video form) and posted on the internet.

The intention of this type of business is precisely to give visibility to the product and/or brand, which is why it is so common to see YouTubersinfluencers, and bloggers dedicating much of their time to dealing with a single product.

When will the money come to you?

The monetization process takes place with the help of Google Adsense – a platform created by Google to display customer ads on blogs and websites. What happens is that once your opinion is online, the company will allow you to keep a certain percentage of what was generated through your publication.

The final value will depend a lot on the interaction of the public and the amount previously agreed with the company. Therefore, the more followers on your social networks you have and the more interactions in the publication, the more profits you will have.


4. Create videos for YouTube

Create videos for YouTube

It is not new that YouTube is among the 5 most used social networks around the world. More than 100 million users a month visit the platform and contribute significantly to its famous reputation.

With this incredible contingent and the authority that it has in offering video content, entering this universe can guarantee you many profits, after all, your videos can be optimized both to appear in YouTube’s own searches, as well as in Google’s search engines.

Even though you’re not a professional in the filming area, on YouTube you can find amazing tutorials to create a good video without spending a lot and without showing amateurism. Videos teaching you how to handle a camera, how to create ideal environments for photo backgrounds, and steps to make a perfect edit are examples of what you can find and learn there.

Of course, you don’t need to appear in the videos if you don’t want to. You can just capture a screenshot of your computer screen and narrate your actions – there are apps for that.


Kartra Review – Top All-in-One Platform Choice [HOT]


Kartra has everything in one place like list building, email marketing, web hosting, business management platform & huge other important features as well for us

What Is Kartra?

Kartra was founded by two marketers names Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime. With the help of Kartra, they’ve launched a high quality platform.

Katra is a set of business tools that need to run any business, integrated into their platform. It is quite to the marketing system in the world. 

Basically, it is a page builder, sales funnel builder, marketing auto platform, that is different from all other platforms. Kartra is a kind of all-in-one platform that provides several features to its users to sales page landing page, online courses, email system, payments, and membership only in one place.

It also helps in making the tracking of marketing goals easier. It also helps the managers to manage their work because it provides the work in one place.

Kartra Review – All Key Features & Benefits

The followings list of features to help you to process of setting up your online business is below:

  • Page builder
  • E-mail marketing
  • Videos
  • Sales funnels
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Leads system
  • Memberships
  • Analytics
  • Integrations and APIs
  • Helpdesk portal
Kartra marketing review

Review of Kartra’s 09 Internet Marketing Tools for Any Online Business:

1.   Kartra Review – The Page Builder

While I did go on how you need more than a mere website. What is more, it has to be beautiful as designed & tested to convert all. At a minimum, the websites need to have the following as below:

  • A homepage as well
  • Product launch pages
  • Landing pages
  • Upsell and downsell pages
  • Coming-soon pages
  • Video sales letter pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Long sale pages
  • Upsell and downsell pages
  • Check out pages

…. And many more. Here are the features all the best ones have in common this.

Kartra Pages Sceenshot

2.   Kartra Review – Opt-In Form Builder

It is crucial that you invest in capturing new leads, eventually, converting with them. For the growth & future of your business, as you should never rely upon your existing customer base alone.

Form Builder Sceenshot

Others do, but still don’t get the results they want for this one. Why’s that? because for the most part, they use passive and old, inefficient tactics that fail to engage their leads.

3.   Kartra Review – The Lead Management Systems

Right now that you are captured in your leads, you just want that you hold on to them in long-term by implement Kartra of effective lead management system. If you do NOT organize & follow-up on your leads, you risk losing up to over 70% of them, that along with all the potential revenue they could have brought it. Conversely, you will get as below:

  • The Higher purchases from the leads that place orders.
  • More Increased conversion rates for your website.
  • A Lower customer acquisition costs.

What that means, is that you need to do the collect & store listed names, email addresses. You just want a system, that allows you to see glance how the leads interact with your business like this.

Kartra Leadmanagement Screenshot

4.   Kartra Review – The Best Shopping Kartra on product

So, the original friend who is still Kartra’s CTO, the shopping cart because this system into the most powerful all-in-one Marketing software available for us

You already know that the shopping tool must if you’re going to selling anything online now. However, do not all shopping tools are created a equal as well. Here’re some of the features the best like the Kartra Checkout Tool has now.

5.   Karrtra Review – Done for you the Funnels & Campaigns

Kartra Done For You Campaigns

At the beginning of Kartra reviews, I’ve briefly touched on Done for you the Funnels & Campaigns with marketing online

What’s makes effective for marketing campaigns? The best way to ensure as well flow is to get tools with a sequence builder. As much as email auto systems, the campaign sequence builders perform a chain of predefined actions in the response to the trigger events. So, you should also to have the option to connect with your sequences to specific web pages & send out emails in the response to the actions visitors into your landing page as well.

Build the perfect sales funnel

6.   Kartra Reviews – The Membership Platform as well

Review of Kartra's Membership Platform

7.   Kartra Review – The Video Hosting

Kartra Video Hosting

What the ever you do to make sure that you add more videos to landing pages. That has been shown to increase the conversion rates by up to 80 90 %.

8.  Kartra Review –  Kartra Helpdesk

Kartra Helpdesk

Regarding the new customers is great, so keeping them in the long term is even as well

9. Kartra Review – Affiliate Management system for your business

Kartra Affiliate Management

The affiliate management tool on Kartra will allow you to grow the business without paying anything in advance future. However, note that affiliate management tools are advanced & maybe not be suitable for fledgling businesses now. So as your business grows, there will become a moment when you’ll want to use such tools. Trying to get the Kartra right now to grow your business as well


Get 12,000 Detailed Shed Plans To Build Your Next Shed!


Are you looking to build a shed at home but don’t know what goes into it?

It turns that even with zero woodworking experience; you can build an amazing shed in a weekend. However, you will need to have a detailed plan for the project. Unfortunately, though, most shed plans sold by woodworking publishers today won’t help you. In this post, we’re going to tell why this is the case and how MyShedPlans is going to help you out.


So what’s MyShedPlans all about and who is it for?

Ryan Henderson, a professional craftsman, and educator give you a variety of shed plans to help you build any kind of shed at home. He has put together a collection of 12, 000 shed plans with different styles and designs. And you don’t need to have woodworking experience to use the plans; they are detailed enough and come with “hold-you-by-the-hand” step-by-step instructions

As mentioned earlier, the shed plans sold by woodworking publishers can’t help you. I once wanted to build a shed. So I went online, bought the cheapest shed plan I could get, and started following it. I got the tools, the 2×4’s, and even began cutting to size. I didn’t proceed much; I got stuck not knowing how to get from one point in the plan to another. If you have ever bought a plan to help you build any project, you probably know what I am talking about.

Many of the plans sold by publishers are not even written by woodworkers. They are written by ghost-writers who have never touched a chisel or a piece of lumber in their life. So, such plans often have wrong instructions, are either too dumb down or too complicated.

A good shed plan can only be written by a woodworker with experience building a lot of projects and teaching craftsmanship to others. With Ryan’s shed plan, you will never need to hire someone to build a shed for you. You will complete it yourself and within the shortest time possible.

And if you are going to invest your money, energy, and time in building a shed by yourself, then you need a detailed plan that has everything you need to know about building a perfect shed. The plan should also include factors you need to consider when building a shed, from the most basic to the most critical.

With up 12,000 detailed shed plans, MyShedPlans is arguably the only place you are going to get a complete plan that will help come up with the shed you want. Note also that the plans have different designs and styles. So you will get to compare the styles and designs and build a shed that stands out.


Among other things, the plans will give you;

  • Views from all angles. This will help you see how everything will look before you start building.
  • Step-by-step instructions. The instructions are so detailed you’ll know exactly what to do in every step.
  • Lists of materials and cutting lists, so you know what to buy, the quantity, and how to cut the materials. The cutting lists include measurements.
  • 3D drawings
  • CAD designed drawings
  • “Used for” labels to help you know what each material is used for and when you will need it.

Visit MyShedPlans today, get your plans and complete your shed most inexpensively and quickly.


The Software Uses the sleep Sales Technology system to Generate Sales reviews


The System With  EVERYTHING  You Need To Succeed for Make money online with Affiliate Marketing

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Normally, getting traffic (website visitors) is difficult. But not anymore! With our system, you just order as much or as little traffic as you want. It’s literally as easy as ordering a pizza. That’s why we call it “pizza traffic”.


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How to Healthy and Fitness at Home for Beginners


Are you planning to have a fitness program at home? Let me congratulate you first since you have turned yourself into a great opportunity to improve the most important aspect of your life. You are only a few steps away from a healthier and happier life.

The routine exercises will help you to increase metabolism, boost the immune system, and maintain a good sleep cycle. In the long run, these activities will also help you to reduce the risks of diseases and other health problems. These good perks are only the tip of the iceberg. You will surely attain more benefits after conducting your fitness program for a long time.

But before proceeding, you will want to know how to healthy and fitness at home for beginners first. Here are the particular steps to take to get you there.

Check your health and fitness level

You are the one who knows about your daily activities. But you need to be more meticulous in assessing your fitness levels. Your fitness and health condition will be the baseline that you’d use to determine the most appropriate fitness programs for you. You don’t want to miss this step since it will lead you to the wrong fitness program.

Assess every aspect of your fitness including the muscles, your flexibility, body weight, and so on. Check your overall health as well. Contact your doctor to ask him for references to conduct the overall test. The test results will give you a clear overview of which fitness program is suitable for you the most. These will also give you marks to compare to your fitness program progress.

The next thing to do is to check your physical capabilities. Here are some examples of the tests:

  • Walk a mile and check your pulse rate
  • Measure how long it takes to walk or run for one mile
  • How many pushups you can do at one go
  • What is your BMI?

After answering all of those questions, you will be able to know what kind of fitness program you can follow.

Choosing the most suitable program

The next thing to do is to customize your fitness program.it is best to consult with a personal trainer or expert about how to be healthy and fit at home for beginners. They will gladly help you to set the baselines.

When you want to pick your fitness program, you’d want to consider a few aspects below.

What is your specific goal?

Your fitness program should have a goal so that you can focus your training based on the particular destination. Are you starting a fitness program to lose belly fat? Or, do you want to get prepared for your next Takeshi Castle challenge?

Having a clear goal will help you to break it to the milestones that are easier to achieve. Therefore, you will stay motivated, on track, and be less stressed.

Follow the guidelines

You don’t have to do it all alone. Whether you are conducting the program with your friends or alone, consider always follow health and fitness facility standards and guidelines so that you will be safe in the process.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends the doers get at least 150 aerobic or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activities a week. Or, you could do a combination of it. Please don’t forget that you also have work, household tasks, and other activities. Do not put a lot of pressure on your body.

Baby steps

Perhaps you’ve seen some examples online about how rigorous the fitness goers are to conduct their activities. Keep in mind that they have years of experience more advanced than you. You will want to start the thing slowly. Just baby steps.

Some vigorous exercises might cause fatigue or even injury. Call a trustworthy therapist to help you out.

Plan to diversify the activities

Different activities in your agenda will get rid of the risks of boredom. Many people stopped their program simply because they do the same thing over and over again. You will want to have different activities to prevent boredom.

Get your equipment

If you want to know how to be healthy and fit at home without equipment, then you could just skip this point.

You will have more chances to reap the benefits of the exercises if you prepare some equipment at home. But it does not have to be expensive.

You can even start with the fitness apps for your smartphone. You could also consider getting a tracking activities device, distance, heart rate, and other variables.

Before choosing some larger equipment, you will want to consider the available space that you have. Measure it and have it noted on a piece of paper or document. That way, you will know the equipment sizes that can fit into your room.

If you have limited space in your room, get smaller-sized gear that doesn’t sacrifice your living space.

If you have a larger space, you could have more equipment you need. Just make sure to measure your room fast.

The choice of the equipment will also depend on the exercises that you choose to do on a daily basis. If you do it regularly, you will want to check on the equipment that you can use often.

You will not want to purchase something that you won’t need in your gym room at home. That’s why we emphasize the importance of your fitness goals.

You might add running or jogging in your agenda, then you could get a treadmill instead of risking yourself running outdoors.

Make a list of the equipment and see your available budget. You might not be able to purchase all of them at once, but you could prioritize getting the most urgent one. For instance, you need to firstly increase your metabolic rate first. Then activities like biking or running can be great. In this case, you could get either a static bike or treadmill first.

Get started!

After doing the steps above, what’s next? Of course, you just need to start your fitness program. The first time, it might be awkward or strange to do it by yourself. You could give yourself time to warm up and cool down with some stretching movement. Then, after calming yourself, you can start it!


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