How to Healthy and Fitness at Home for Beginners


Are you planning to have a fitness program at home? Let me congratulate you first since you have turned yourself into a great opportunity to improve the most important aspect of your life. You are only a few steps away from a healthier and happier life.

The routine exercises will help you to increase metabolism, boost the immune system, and maintain a good sleep cycle. In the long run, these activities will also help you to reduce the risks of diseases and other health problems. These good perks are only the tip of the iceberg. You will surely attain more benefits after conducting your fitness program for a long time.

But before proceeding, you will want to know how to healthy and fitness at home for beginners first. Here are the particular steps to take to get you there.

Check your health and fitness level

You are the one who knows about your daily activities. But you need to be more meticulous in assessing your fitness levels. Your fitness and health condition will be the baseline that you’d use to determine the most appropriate fitness programs for you. You don’t want to miss this step since it will lead you to the wrong fitness program.


Assess every aspect of your fitness including the muscles, your flexibility, body weight, and so on. Check your overall health as well. Contact your doctor to ask him for references to conduct the overall test. The test results will give you a clear overview of which fitness program is suitable for you the most. These will also give you marks to compare to your fitness program progress.

The next thing to do is to check your physical capabilities. Here are some examples of the tests:

  • Walk a mile and check your pulse rate
  • Measure how long it takes to walk or run for one mile
  • How many pushups you can do at one go
  • What is your BMI?

After answering all of those questions, you will be able to know what kind of fitness program you can follow.

Choosing the most suitable program

The next thing to do is to customize your fitness is best to consult with a personal trainer or expert about how to be healthy and fit at home for beginners. They will gladly help you to set the baselines.

When you want to pick your fitness program, you’d want to consider a few aspects below.

What is your specific goal?

Your fitness program should have a goal so that you can focus your training based on the particular destination. Are you starting a fitness program to lose belly fat? Or, do you want to get prepared for your next Takeshi Castle challenge?

Having a clear goal will help you to break it to the milestones that are easier to achieve. Therefore, you will stay motivated, on track, and be less stressed.

Follow the guidelines

You don’t have to do it all alone. Whether you are conducting the program with your friends or alone, consider always follow health and fitness facility standards and guidelines so that you will be safe in the process.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends the doers get at least 150 aerobic or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activities a week. Or, you could do a combination of it. Please don’t forget that you also have work, household tasks, and other activities. Do not put a lot of pressure on your body.

Baby steps

Perhaps you’ve seen some examples online about how rigorous the fitness goers are to conduct their activities. Keep in mind that they have years of experience more advanced than you. You will want to start the thing slowly. Just baby steps.

Some vigorous exercises might cause fatigue or even injury. Call a trustworthy therapist to help you out.

Plan to diversify the activities

Different activities in your agenda will get rid of the risks of boredom. Many people stopped their program simply because they do the same thing over and over again. You will want to have different activities to prevent boredom.

Get your equipment

If you want to know how to be healthy and fit at home without equipment, then you could just skip this point.

You will have more chances to reap the benefits of the exercises if you prepare some equipment at home. But it does not have to be expensive.

You can even start with the fitness apps for your smartphone. You could also consider getting a tracking activities device, distance, heart rate, and other variables.

Before choosing some larger equipment, you will want to consider the available space that you have. Measure it and have it noted on a piece of paper or document. That way, you will know the equipment sizes that can fit into your room.

If you have limited space in your room, get smaller-sized gear that doesn’t sacrifice your living space.

If you have a larger space, you could have more equipment you need. Just make sure to measure your room fast.

The choice of the equipment will also depend on the exercises that you choose to do on a daily basis. If you do it regularly, you will want to check on the equipment that you can use often.

You will not want to purchase something that you won’t need in your gym room at home. That’s why we emphasize the importance of your fitness goals.

You might add running or jogging in your agenda, then you could get a treadmill instead of risking yourself running outdoors.

Make a list of the equipment and see your available budget. You might not be able to purchase all of them at once, but you could prioritize getting the most urgent one. For instance, you need to firstly increase your metabolic rate first. Then activities like biking or running can be great. In this case, you could get either a static bike or treadmill first.

Get started!

After doing the steps above, what’s next? Of course, you just need to start your fitness program. The first time, it might be awkward or strange to do it by yourself. You could give yourself time to warm up and cool down with some stretching movement. Then, after calming yourself, you can start it!



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